Manoj Kumar is a successful Digital Entrepreneur based in Bengaluru. He is an expert in the digital areas of Branding, Marketing, Revenue Generation, and analyzing the latest trends. He is the founder of Ditech LLC. Through his firm, he offers consulting services to start-ups, MNCs, and individuals. He is also the co-founder of EDTec LLC, which offers support to students in the areas of counseling, academic choices, and career opportunities.

He started his Digital Journey in the Year 2020. In a span of 5 years, through his dedication, persistence, and hard work he has transformed into a successful entrepreneur.

His life and journey to success is definitely an inspirational book by itself. So, let’s look into his journey to understand his life and the events that paved the way for his success.

He was born and brought up in Bengaluru. His upbringing was normal as a middle-class family. At school, he met boys from different regions. This allowed him to effortlessly learn multiple languages. As a child, he had great respect and influence from his grandfather, who was a successful businessman. The interactions with his grandfather are joyful, but subconsciously developed an interest in the business.

Due to his interest in mathematics and business, he chose commerce and completed his Bachelor’s degree. During his time in college, he had participated in organizing various events. This allowed him to understand Project Planning and Execution.

He began his career as an Analyst at Hewlett-Packard. The work environment, company values, learning & growth opportunities were good. This is the place where he was exposed to Analytics and also understood the importance of analytics in business. This made him continue with the company. But after years of corporate life, he felt saturation at work and started looking for alternatives. During this time, he had considered the option of a start-up. But was not sure about the business to start.

During 2019, he was getting aware of the opportunities in the digital platform. He continued to explore and did his due diligence. Finally, he decided to proceed with his journey in the digital platform which will help him to be an entrepreneur.

Over time, he continued his quest for knowledge, which helped him to strengthen his skills. He did not hesitate to attempt or to fail. His actions eventually made him a successful entrepreneur.

Manoj’s journey validates the fact, there is no shortcut for SUCCESS. With Time, Dedication, Persistence, continuous Learning & Development we will be SUCCESSFUL.